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Top 5 most visited websites in the world 2016

Top 5 most visited websites in the world 2016

Top 5 most visited websites in the world 2016

Top 5 most visited websites in the world 2016

The websites are ordered by Alexa, a market research company owned by, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and compiled by

No. 5. Most Visited Website In the World: ranks number five on Alexa’s ranking. Google’s absence in China makes the most popular search engine over there. Apart from that Baidu offers its Chinese visitors a wide range of services that include cloud storage, maps, games; it even has it own encyclopedia. has more than 50% share in the chinese search engine market. The main source of revenue for is its online marketing service. World No. 5 is also No. 1 website in China, the most populated country in the world as well as the fastest growing economy.

No. 4. Most Visited Website In the World: Yahoo!
Number four on our list of the most visited websites is Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO). While its share as search engine has dropped significantly over the past few years, Yahoo! Inc.’s search engine still holds the position of third largest search engine in the U.S. and it still maintains global presence with India being the second largest country in its audience geography according to Alexa. Besides the general search, Yahoo! Inc. offers its visitors a variety of other stuff too. It has Yahoo Finance that showcases Yahoo! Inc’s own original content along with finance and business related content from other sources. Other than that Yahoo! Inc offers a better entertainment portal to its visitors than its counterparts do and it also features a services called Yahoo Answers where users can ask questions and also answer other users’ questions. It also allows visitors to give rating to those answers so best answers automatically come on top.

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No. 3. Most Visited Website In the World: YouTube
YouTube has just completed its ten years on the web and it is world’s most popular video sharing website. YouTube started off as a platform and medium to share your videos with others. You can just upload a video and it will be there for the world to watch. Today YouTube has become top video sharing website for users around the world. While this Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) owned platform has had a dream run in its first ten years, it has an equally powerful rival forming in shape of Facebook which is next on our list.

No. 2. Most Visited Website In the World: Facebook 

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Facebook drives one fourth of all the web traffic that there is which makes it our second most visited website on the worldwide web. That one quarter of web traffic it consumes also makes it world’s largest social network. Due to its vast user base nobody in the world today denies its advertising potential and reach; which is the main source of revenue for this company. As most of that traffic originates from mobile devices we can also say that Facebook Inc will outlive its counter parts in the coming years. To strengthen its position Facebook Inc recently added a video feature on its website which according to the initial reports Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s video feature has already started impacting traffic on Google Inc’s YouTube.

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No. 1. Most Visited Website In the World: Google

It would not be an over statement to say that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google Search is actually internet’s other name. Google Search is as much a utility as internet itself is. It is the gateway to millions of websites on the web. As long as that information exists on the internet, Google Inc will find you that information. You don’t have to bother even you misspelled a little. Google Search has made our lives simple and easy. This is one portal on the internet which is incomparable with any other website on the internet, whether search engines or social networks. We used to run to libraries when we needed some information. With Google Inc any information is only a few clicks away.