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5 Tips To Pass Dragnet Screening Tests

5 Tips To Pass Dragnet Screening Tests

Dragnet Screening Tests are used widely in Nigeria, for elimination purposes. As the application deadline for the Chevron/JV and AGBAMI Medical and Engineering professional scholarships slowly crawl to an end, all applicants who are successfully shortlisted for the test will be contacted for the scholarship tests. Also Dragnet tests are used for job interviews and screening.

While you prepare for the test, here are some tips you should know.

All Scholastica and Dragnet Screening Tests are CBT (Computer based Testing). Like the name implies, it utilizes a PC to administer test questions. It is also a modern and efficient way for test sponsors to provide a secure, consistent environment for certification while significantly enhancing the candidate’s experience.

Migration from PBT (Paper Based Testing) to CBT can affect candidates’ outcome, only favouring those who possess adequate keyboarding and computer skills. So brushing up on your computer literacy skills now would be a good idea.

Also CBT can accommodate test takers with various disabilities. Questions can be enlarged or presented in a variety of ways that enhance readability.

Computerized standard testing also provides an advantage in scheduling, because tests can be administered in much less time than it takes to administer a paper test. This makes testing more accessible to those with full-time jobs or full class schedules. Candidates should note that a 15 minute test is exactly 15 minutes no more, no less.

For applicants preparing for a Scholarship assessment test, don’t let the thought of competition for scholarships get you down. There are ways you can make sure your application shine.

Make sure you’re qualified for the scholarship
• Read the directions carefully
• Develop a plan of attack
• Don’t be afraid to let yourself shine
• Have someone else review your application
• Practice makes perfect