BREAKING: Naira Crashes Beyond Imagination, See New Exchange Rate Naira to Dollar (SHARE THIS)

Despite the Central Bank of Nigeria yet to roll out the details of the new flexible exchange rate policy, which is a monetary system that allows the exchange rate to be determined by supply and demand, the nation’s currency naira has switched to N285 to a dollar at the interbank market, The Guardian reports.

The policy, which throws naira into open market, also paves way for one to walk into the bank and ask to buy forex at the market rate, hence, putting pressure on black market and Bureau de Change operators.

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It also paves the way for banks and Bureau De Change (BDC) operators to source forex autonomously and sell according to market dynamics. The interbank rate had run nearly at par with the official at N199 per dollar and N197 per dollar respectively before the pronouncements on the new foreign exchange measure.

The new rate represents about 43.2 per cent increase from N199 to the dollar it previously traded, which according to analysts suggests that the market is gradually adjusting itself to the new direction, although the details are yet to be unfolded. However, a look on the apex bank official website has shown the naira is still pegged at N197.